Aliza Green


First Christian Church



(Running Press)
by Aliza Green

Now you can master the art and joy of bean cookery with this definitive guide to identifying, selecting, prepping, and cooking a wide range of fresh and dried beans. Aliza Grean has created a virtual renaissance in bean cuisine, where cooks can discover the variety of dishes that can be made with the different flavors, textures and color that beans have to offer. This completely revised, updated edition of Beans, which features full-color photographs and new recipes, is a great source not only for extraordinary recipes but also for cooking tips, culinary history and legume lore. Scrupulously researched, Beans contains descriptions and useful information about more than 100 bean varieties. A comprehensive primer on the basics of preparing and cooking beans explains all you need to know to ensure your bean dishes will come out just right every time.

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