Aliza Green


First Christian Church

Quintessential Bake Sale

DATE: November 15, 2008
TIME: 11:30 am
LOCATION: Barbara-Jo’s Books To Cooks, 1740 West 2nd Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V6J 1H6
PHONE: 604-688-6755

Award-winning author Aliza Green will host a bake sale to treat your taste buds. Aliza has guided cooks around their kitchens for years with books including Field Guide to Meat and Field Guide to Produce. Six cookbooks later, Aliza has compiled a delicious baking guide called Starting with Ingredients: Baking: Quintessential Recipes for the Way We Really Bake. At the bake sale, guests will delight in a few recipes from Aliza’s new book, and those who purchase goodies will be happy to know that those funds will treat the Greater Vancouver Food Bank. Cost: $45.00 (a copy of the book is included). For more information…

Barbara-Jo’s Books To Cooks