Aliza Green


First Christian Church

A Creative, Innovative Food Consultant


Aliza in her kitchen full of every kind of pot, pan, and kitchen tool

Green’s culinary specialties include sustainable foods, local/regional cooking, seasonal produce, herbs & spices, fish & seafood, kosher cuisine, Italian cuisine, fresh pasta, gelato, international baking, Mediterranean cuisine, soup making, healthy cooking, and legumes.


* Product development 

* Concept development

* Recipe development

* Staffing & training

* Sustainable/Local purchasing

* Equipment selection

* Nutrition analysis and costing

* Culinary evaluation

* Kitchen design

* Marketing and public relations

* Product spokesperson

* Special events


Selected Clients:

Avenue B Restaurant

Bridge & Plaza Cafes, Wharton School of Business

Dock Street Brewing Company

Downey’s Restaurant

Gerard’s Market

Heathland Hospitality Group

Independence Visitor’s Center

Max & David’s International Kosher Cuisine

Omni Hotel at Independence Park

Oso Sweet Onions of Chile

Parma Old World Fast Food

Peachtree & Ward Caterers

Quickie Chickie

QVC Television

Society Hill Snacks

Sushi Samba

Tria Wine Bar