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Making Artisan Pasta, a beautiful new step-by-step guide by Aliza Green, on sale January 1

hand-stretched rich egg-yolk pasta for tortellini

Fun, Easy and Delicious--Making Artisan Pasta

MAKING ARTISAN PASTAHow to Make a World of Handmade Noodles, Stuffed Pasta, Dumplings, and More

 Homemade rules in the kitchen, and everyone from artisan bakers to canners and picklers know it. Culinary enthusiasts are exploring classic skills again, and home cooks are making homemade, hand-shaped pasta faster than you can say tagliatelle.

With simple, fresh ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions, MAKING ARTISAN PASTA (Quarry Books) teaches you how make your own fettuccine, ravioli, lasagna, and dozens of other styles of pasta and noodles by hand. The fully illustrated, step-by-step tutorials will walk you through the entire tasty process, from mixing dough, rolling, and shaping pasta through cooking, serving, and storing. Artisan pasta is fun to make and fun to eat for everyone from kids to seniors. Colorful doughs flavored with red pepper, porcini mushrooms, and asparagus and flours like buckwheat, chestnut, and rye inspire the creative cook.

Going far beyond noodles, though, this book includes tutorials on gnocchi, Chinese pot stickers, pierogi, and dozens of other world pastas.

Inside you’ll find:

  • History of pasta in China, Italy and modern day variations
  • Clear explanations of  flour, eggs and other basic ingredients a pasta artisan might use
  • Complete tutorial for making artisan-style hand-stretched pasta, the ultimate for flavor and texture
  • Special kitchen tools and suggestions for using  tools you already have
  • “Artisan Notes” providing special tips and tricks for every recipe
  • Page after page of full-color photo diagrams showing techniques for successful results
  • Comprehensive information on storage, freezing,  and more

Through author and chef Aliza Green’s expertise and encyclopedia knowledge of all things culinary, plus hundreds of gorgeous photos by acclaimed food photographer Steve Legato, MAKING ARTISAN PASTA will teach you everything there is to know about making fresh, delicious pasta in your home kitchen….and you’ll never look at the supermarket pasta aisle the same way again.

About the Author

ALIZA GREEN, author, consultant, and influential chef, has been a pasta fanatic ever since she spent a summer in Italy at age six. She studied with Marcella Hazan, from whom she learned to make fresh pasta for the Bolognese-inspired Ristorante DiLullo, where she served as Executive Chef. She studied Italian to read cookbooks and culinary publications and to work with chefs and food producers in Italy. With the help of the restaurant’s three pasta artisans, Green prepared enough fresh pasta to serve hundreds of customers daily, all cooked to order—a formidable task in a restaurant that seated more than 200. Green is the James Beard Award–winning author of ten suc­cessful food guides and cookbooks including The Fishmonger’s Apprentice (Quarry Books, 2010), Starting with Ingredients: Baking (Running Press, 2008) and Starting with Ingredients (Running Press, 2006), four Field Guides to food (Quirk, 2004-2007), Beans: More than 200 Delicious, Wholesome Recipes from Around the World (Running Press, 2004). To learn more about Green or to ask a culinary question, visit her website,

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How to Make a World of Handmade Noodles, Stuffed Pasta, Dumplings, and More

by Aliza Green

Quarry Books

$24.99 US / $27.99 CAN

ISBN-13: 978-1-59253-732-7


Of Pasta and Cowboys

You may have heard of Italian stallions (and I knew quite a few during my years of cheffing at Italian restaurants!) but how about Italian cowboys? The marshy areas of the Tuscan Maremma are home to Italy’s few remaining traditional cowboys, responsible for herding the enormous native Maremman cattle with their lyre-shaped horns, which may reach 2,500 pounds, over double the size of American Angus cattle! Read about the cattle and the revival of this heritage breed and the cowboys who work with them here:

I’ll be taking a small group to visit this fascinating and non-touristy region on my Pasta Lover’s Culinary Tour, October 19 to 29. Just 4 spaces left ( You’ll learn to make your own hand-stretched pasta–the ultimate in flavor and texture. You haven’t tasted fresh pasta until you’ve experienced hand-stretched pasta, a specialty of the region along with game and wild mushrooms.  

Aliza Leads Pasta Lover’s Culinary Tour to Italian Maremma and Umbria

 Join Aliza Green, longtime chef in la cucina Italiana and author of 10 culinary books, for a 10-day exploration of autumn culinary delights in the wild, ancient Etruscan Maremma and Umbria, “the green heart of Italy.” Terme Calidario Roman-style hot springs, chocolate workshop with renowned chocolatier Domenico d’Affronto of La Conca d’Oro, tour Italian-Jewish Pitigliano, wild mushroom hunt. Meet Davide Fedele, producer of superb heritage Cinta Senese salumeria (cured meats). In Umbria, dinner at Chef Valentina Santanicchio’s Al Saltapicchio, a day in the country at top winery, Falesco. Meet Chef Velia de Angelis (star of Italian television’s Chef per un Giorno) at her La Champagneria. In anticipation of Aliza’s new artisanal pasta techniques book due in early 2012, we invite you to learn to make artisan pasta hands-on at Compagnia dei Buongustai.

For complete itinerary and registration, please visit