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Aliza to Present Citron Program

Large and lumpy, green to yellow, citrons are the oldest cultivated citrus fruit with a fascinating history that dates back to their place as a Biblical symbol of perfection. The finicky fruits grow on thorny trees that live only about 15 years and thrive in the Mediterranean.  Some of these plantings, which may be as much as 2,000 years old,  date back to ancient places of Jewish migration to the Mediterranean and to Yemen, where the football-sized citrons may date to the time of King Solomon’s Temple (completed in 960 BCE).

Expensive even in Amalfi, fragrant citrons for sale

Expensive even in Amalfi, fragrant citrons for sale

Find out more about citrons (esrog or etrog in Hebrew), what makes them suitable for Jewish ritual use, what the different varieties look and smell like and how citrons are used in the kitchen at this multi-sensory program. The program, which is co-sponsored by Or Hadash Synagogue and the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia’s Kehillah of Bux-Mont, will be held at Or Hadash in Fort Washington, PA on October 6th at 7:30 pm. Please send a me a message to find out about registration or go to the synagogue website.

Or Hadash Synagogue

Order your own etrogs from the Esrog Farm. Go to the photo album page to see some beautiful images of the fruits and plants.

The Esrog Farm