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Meet chefs, farmers, winemakers, food producers, and local culinary experts with commentary and guidance from Chef Green who shares her unparalleled culinary knowledge with guests. A certified tour director who leads exciting small-group tours of culinary exploration, 2019 itineraries include Morocco, Israel, and Piemonte, Italy with a new set of destinations coming soon for 2020.

Fishing Boats in Puglia with Norman Watchtower

2019 Itineraries Include

Travel to marvelous Morocco, explore Fes (medieval cultural center), legendary Marrakech, Essaouira (famed for fish), Chefchaouen (the blue town) and more. Cooking classes, market tours, guided tastings, winery visit, memorable meals and top hotels.

Morocco 2020 coming soon!

Experience Israel with all your senses. Market tours in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, a 120-year-old spice store in Nazareth, and a bakery in the desert. Visit farms and wineries, talk with local chefs, forage in the Galil, and taste foods of Yemen, Morocco, Iran, Eastern Europe, even Tripoli (Libya)

Explore Piemonte, a paradise for wine lovers and home of the Slow Food movement. Cooking & mixology glasses, winery and market tours, chocolate workshop, guided tasting tour of Genova, cheese tastings, and a summer truffle hunt in the woods.

2020 Itineraries Include

Travel to marvelous Morocco, explore Fes (medieval cultural center), legendary Marrakech, Essaouira (famed for fish), the Atlas Mountains, and more. Cooking classes, market tours, guided tastings, winery visit, memorable meals and top hotels.

Moroccan Delights: Travel to marvelous Morocco, explore Fes (medieval cultural center), legendary Marrakech, Essaouira (famed for fish & silver), Atlas Mountains, and more. Cooking classes, market tours, guided tastings, winery visit, memorable meals and top hotels.

Catalan Art, Architecture & Cuisine Tour: Gaudi Day in Barcelona including Casa Batllo, Parque Guell and la Sagrada Familia, La Boqueria Market Tour and Hands-on Cooking Class, Art Day at Picasso Museum and Miro Foundation. Tour the famed Vic Saturday market; Dine at one-Michelin star Restaurant l’O. Professional guided tour of Girona focusing on Jewish Heritage.


Treasures of Sicily: Street markets in Palermo and Catania, visit Marsala, taste Sicilian couscous in Trapani, Valley of the Temples, cooking classes: traditional Sicilian cuisine, pizza-making, pastry, walk the craters of Mt. Etna

Tour Customer Testimonials

"I have had the privilege of traveling extensively always independently with a one or two friends. When deciding to visit India, I was hesitant to do this trip on my own so I took my first group tour, lead by Aliza. It was 13 strangers that by the end of the trip were, and are, friends. It was a lot of surprises, calories and laughter and I would love to travel, with a group, and Aliza again."


"Travels with Aliza Green are like her incomparable cookbooks: a recipe of well researched ingredients, knowledge, and tidbits of history and lore that yield a delicious result. Highly recommended!"

Jim and Gail

“My husband and I have taken two culinary tours with Aliza Green (Tuscany and Umbria in Italy and Morocco) and they were just amazing. Aliza is a thoughtful and knowledgeable guide. She took us to places which we never would have found on our own and balances educational experiences with dining and shopping to provide an excellent time. We would definitely travel with her again.”

Caryn and Gordon

“Our trip to Morocco far exceeded our expectations.  Your cookbooks are a staple in our kitchen but this trip have them a whole other dimension.  The market tours and cooking classes opened our eyes to this extraordinary cuisine.  There were so many high points, but just to name a few; the night in the desert, the cheese maker in Essaouira, touring the Medina, and so on.  We also met some great people on the tour and have continued a relationship with them today.  With each trip we have taken with you the experience only gets better.”


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Our Glorious Trip to Morocco: writings from a 2018 Morocco Tour Guest

June 20, 2018

Glossy black olives in hand-woven raffia basket, Fes medina

Olives, anyone? How many can we eat? And where do we put the pits? What’s your memory of this glorious trip: is it the comfy bus in which only 5 people stayed in the same seats throughout; is it the power, wifi, nuts and water or is it the wonderful Mohammed who drove us for (how many?) kilometers, even during the

Multicolored olives for sale in the Fes medina

rain and sleet in the High Atlas mountains where some of us were terrified. But I bet it’s the extraordinary tour guide, Chacha, who spoke (at least) 5 languages, knew all about the history and geography, the architecture and the food, the people and the politics of this gorgeous country and kept us moving, interested and learning. How about the great hotels we stayed in, including some with fewer amenities than we’re used to (e.g., hot water). Everywhere we managed thanks to our great leader, Aliza (AKA Aziza), who in her calm and professional tour-creator persona was able to deal with it all, including a melt-down, a foot injury, and unusual sleeping arrangements. Where else have you seen the tree-climbing goats, baby camels? When did you experience a longer-than-expected night-time camel ride followed by a cooking fire in the desert and sleeping in a “luxurious” tent? There’s more: solar panels, modern architecture, ancient souks and medinas, hijabs everywhere but only 5 covered faces. ancient synagogues and cemeteries. Roman ruins, amazing on-the-water mosque, cooking lessons, spices, body scrubs and massage.

Check out this Film of my Moroccan Culinary/Cultural Tour February 2017

March 21, 2018

Join me on my next culinary adventure: Israel: land of history, land of culinary excitement, February 10 to 21, 2019

March 12, 2018

Please consider joining me, culinary explorer and chef/author Aliza Green, on this exclusive tour of Israel: land of contrasts, land of plenty, land of history. 

Experience the best of Israel, where creative and exciting culinary fermentation combines Ashkenazi, Sephardi and Mizrachi Jewish, Arab, Druze, and Maronite traditions, ingredients, and techniques.  Tour Israel from the Galilee and Safad to the Negev, from the Mediterranean Coast to Jerusalem. 


Visit markets fragrant with spices like Carmel in Tel Aviv and Mahane Yehuda in Jerusalem. Experience the creations of Israeli chefs and bakers at top restaurants and small, local favorites and taste fine Israeli wines. Learn how farmers make the desert bloom in places like Shirat Hamidbar Farm. Enjoy lunch at the famed eponymous fish restaurant in ancient Akko, Uri Buri. 

Taste everything from Moroccan couscous to Yemenite jachnun bread, Ashkenazi kugel to Middle Eastern mezze and Tunisian shakshouka, now a national dish in Israel.

Meet some of Israel’s top culinarians including Tel Aviv rising-star Chef Osama Dallal, who will lead us in foraging for wild plants for a cooking workshop in an Arab home. Learn why Hadas Meir, of the Lasha Desert Bakery, believes that bread is the most spiritual food combining matter (dough) and spirit (air).

Image result for Lasha desert bakery

Savor an array of fresh and aged goat cheeses at Kornmehl Farm, where tradition and innovation work together in a fine balance. 

And, of course, visit the must-see sites like the Kotel (the Western Wall of the ancient Jewish Temple), the walls of Jerusalem’s Old City, the Dead Sea, and Masada. Free time in Jerusalem to visit sites such as Yad Vashem. 

This twelve-day tour from February 10 to 21, 2019 is limited to 15 guests, traveling by private van, with accommodations in 4 and 5 star hotels.

Please send a message to ChefAlizaGreen@gmaiil.com for more information on this exciting tour and I will send back the detailed itinerary with pricing and deposit information.

Just back from a fabulous trip to Morocco, a land of mellow delights and warm, kind people

January 21, 2018

Morocco has been on my culinary radar ever since I first ate couscous in the Paris Jewish neighborhood of the Marais at age 12–it was a revelation. In years since, I had the opportunity to work with several Moroccan and Tunisian chefs, who inspired me to finally plan a trip there. Researching my two books on spices (Field Guide to Herbs & Spices and The Magic of Spice Blends), I became convinced that I needed to make that trip. And, I am very happy to say that my culinary/cultural tour with 13 guests was a delight for all, though not without its challenges–road to the Sahara closed due to snow (!), very slow-going to cross the Tichka Pass over the snow covered peaks of the High Atlas Mountains to Fez, and sleeping bundled up in every piece of clothing I owned including hat and gloves in a tent in the bitter cold of the Sahara night, which was nonetheless a high point of the trip for all.

Steaming chickpeas slow-cooked with gelatin-rich calves feet–one of the most delicious dishes of the entire trip at Dar Naji Restaurant in Rabat.

Vegetable tajine with preserved lemons and violet olives

Assorted almond cookies at Cafe Maure, Rabat

Fresh pink garlic Fes medina

Fresh cardoons, stalks of a plant closely related to the artichoke, were in season as were small, tender fresh green fava beans in the smell plastic bags on the side of the photo.

Donkeys work hard in the Fes medina

Fragrant herbs for royal tea, Fes medina

Chicken B’Stilla, a complex dish fit for celebrations, at Palais Amani, Fes medina,

Selection of spices for Ras el Hanout, rooftop of La Sagesse, Marrakech


Traditional stone mill for crushing argan nuts

Basket laden with spices, herbs, dyes, and other specialties at La Sagesse, Marrakech

Lamb and vegetable tajine t’faya at Le Jardin, Marrakech

Newly picked breakfast radishes and craquelines at Domaine Val d’Argan organic winery

Learning to make Moroccan breads at Chez Pierre in the Dades Gorge